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The Music Workshop offers short term day and weekend PA rentals.  Below is a sample list of some of the equipment available and the daily rental rates.  Call and speak to Sheila for additional information, questions or to make a reservation.  We will be happy to offer suggestions for the most cost effective system to meet your needs.  Click on highlighted items for additional specs.


Daily Rental Fees


QSC K12 Powered Speakers (1000W each)                      $100.00/pair

QSC KSUB Powered Sub (1000 W 2-12)                            $75.00

Bose 802 Speakers                                                                 $45.00/pair

Bose 402 Speakers                                                                 $35.00/pair

Powerwerks PW100T                                                              $25.00

QSC RMX1450 Power Amp                                                   $30.00

Wireless Microphones - Lav or Handheld                              $25.00

Wired Microphones w/cable/stand                                          $7.00

Yamaha StagePAS 300 PA System          

    (6 Channel 150W per side power mixer/                            $50.00

     plus 2 speakers w/8" woofer and horn )




The Music Workshop offers band instrument and string rentals through K&C Music of Norwood, MA.  Monthly rentals and rent to own options are available.  Call us for current rental rates and availability.




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